Press releases

One of the most effective ways to tell your brand's story is by engaging the media. Drawing on years of experience, I can write press releases and pitches that will put your brand in the spotlight.

Social media

Anyone can post on Facebook, but few can do it well. My relevant and engaging content will give your brand authenticity beyond "likes" and "shares".

Editing and proofreading

It may be boring, but it's critically important to looking professional. Don't get caught out by embarrassing and avoidable errors.

Web content

Your website could be your first chance to make an impression. I'll make sure your web content is slick, sharp and interesting.

Marketing Collateral

Be it brochures, flyers, newspaper ads or radio scripts, I can develop marketing materials that hook your audience.


Your audience wants to know what you're doing. Keep them in the loop with regular online or direct mail publications.